Poly Allied Products Limited is a part of the Constantinou Group of companies. Sir Theo George Constantinou CBE is the Chairman/Managing Director of the company.

Poly Allied Products Limited listed on the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Register of companies under the Companies Act 1997, in 2010, in the name of Fairway No.77 Limited.  The company changed its name in 2011,to Monier Allied Products with the Monier Group. In November of 2017,the company expanded its product line to include High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe and Water Filter Systems to cater for the PNG and South Pacific Island markets.  The company had a restructure in January of 2018 along with a name change to suit more its business operations to Poly Allied Products Limited.

We Are:

First water and septic tank manufacturer in PNG.

First large diameter Poly pipe (110mm to 315 mm) manufacturer in PNG.

First sea/bore/lake/river water filter system introduced in PNG.

Poly Allied Products Limited is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of Polyethylene (PE) pipe, Water and Septic Tanks, and water treatment plants for ground or surface base water sources. The Poly pipe provides solutions in the reticulation of water, gas, waste, sewer and energy industries.  A purpose-built manufacturing facility fitted with the latest computerised equipment and technology was completed in June of 2018.

Poly Allied assures quality of product as per Australia and New Zealand (AS/NZS) standard and modern manufacturing facilities. Poly Allied distributor/reseller network is available in PNG, Solomon Island, Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu and adjoining Islands.

The advantages of PE pipe relative to other materials such as, steel, earthenware, concrete and fibre cement, Poly Pipe complies with the relevant Australian and New Zealand standards. Poly Allied has in-house testing laboratory facilities to handle testing requirements needed to meet PNG, Australian, and New Zealand standards. Our aim is toserve the country’s industries in   mining, irrigation, water, civil, electrical and telecommunication markets.