Make your own FRESH WATER

The FRESH WATER UNIT is a light weight  and compact watermaker installed in a shock resistant, non corrosive case, ready to plug in and run.



  • Delivers approx.180 to 5000 litres of fresh water per hour.
  • 100% free of viruses or bacteria.
  • Complete and includes a prefilter, an ultrafiltration membrane, an activated carbon filter, a diaphragm feed water pump and a service kit.
  • Mobile and easy to carry and transport
  • Easy to set up


  • Mobile units allow easy relocation and transportation to affected areas (compact trailer mounted units as well as small light weight units).
  • Self-sufficient units secure independent operation. Powered by renewable energy incl. battery back-up.
  • Reliable operation thanks to high quality components and Swiss standards. ISO and CE certification.
  • Cost-effective systems with low operation and lifecycle costs. Less expensive solution compared to diesel powered equipment or bottled water (transport and recycling costs).
  • Simple operation with low technical skill requirements.